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BAFTS is the British Association for Fair Trade Shops. Find out what BAFTS does for the ethical trade industry here.

What we do

The British Association for Fair Trade Shops

BAFTS is a network of independent fair trade shops across the UK.

There are over 100 BAFTS fair trade retailers in the UK. This number is growing by the month and we hope to increase awareness of fair trade groups and products that are developed and sourced through ethical trade.

The main objectives of BAFTS are to:

  • Promote fair trade retailing across the UK
  • Raise the profile of fair trade on the High Street
  • Provide a point of contact and communication about fair trade
  • Exchange ideas amongst members regarding all fair trade news
  • Provide links to other fair trade organisations such as WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization)
  • Keeping members informed of important fair trade calendar dates such as Fair Trade Fortnight and World Fair Trade Day.
  • BAFTS recognises Nomads Clothing as a fair trade online shop who are engaged actively in supporting producers, raising awareness and campaigning for changes in the rules and practices of conventional international trade
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