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Handloom is a skilled process that is steeped in cultural history, it is an essential part of both the Indian economy and rich heritage. However, this ancient technique is in danger of being surpassed in favour of mechanical techniques and cheap labour.


At Nomads, we love the unique quality that each metre of handloom fabric possesses, and we celebrate this original material that could never be replicated by a machine. The nature of the handloom process means that no two lengths are ever the same – crafting this fabric takes time, patience and a unique set of skills, which is where our talented artisan partners really shine.


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The handloom process begins with yarn being hand dyed before being carefully woven on a handloom which is operated solely by a skilled artisan. The process is time consuming and can become quite complicated as the weaver must precisely dye the threads and then place them exactly in the right pattern on the loom so that it is woven correctly.


Because the manual loom does not require electricity to operate, it allows artisans who do not have access to electricity the ability to weave fabrics – whilst also being more environmentally friendly than an electric loom.

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