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Tie Dye

As early as the 6th century, a variation of tie dye named Bandhani was practiced in India. Tie dye is one of the oldest and most traditional methods of ‘printing’ for textiles and is still widely practised in India today. Every pattern that is created has its own unique meaning. Some are especially dyed for brides, “chandokhni and shikhara”, while others represent different elements of nature like the “basant bahar” for spring flowers.


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The tie dye process involves using thread to tie off small pieces of fabric in intricate patterns. After the tying is complete, the cloth is then dipped in dye. The tied sections remain undyed, resulting in a one of a kind ‘printed’ textile.


We have always celebrated this traditional artisan technique and our skilled fair trade partners use azo free dyes and natural fibres to create contemporary tie dye designs that experiment with pattern, scale, and colour.

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