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6 quick tips to re purpose your old Nomads clothes
6th September 2021

6 quick tips to re purpose your old Nomads clothes


Sometimes in life we fall out of love with our clothes – or we grow out of them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to be sustainable!

You might not be surprised to learn that the fast-fashion industry accounts for one of the biggest pollutants of our planet. Every year, more than 90 million tonnes of waste is produced from the fashion world, and a staggering 336,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in the bin across the UK every year – so what can we do to help reduce this horrifying figure?


Upcycling Nomads

There are infinite possibilities of how to repurpose your old clothes, and there are tons of hints and tips for us out there to help us learn! But for now, here are some ideas to help get you started:


Recycling clothes

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to get creative and re-use old items. Items found around the house, such as buttons, Nomads socks, or old and worn-out clothes can be creatively put together to make something unique and fun. Below are some tutorials on how to craft some simple and fun items from your old clothing! Our range of patterned fabrics are perfect for homemade masks – but avoid using our Terry Cotton as this is not the most effective fabric for face masks.

1. Get crafty with our top ten odd socks tips | Love Your Clothes

2. DIY FACE MASK from old clothes in 2 ways - Washable & Reusable face mask - No sewing machine - YouTube

3. 10 Easy Crafts with Old Clothes - YouTube


Recycling clothes

Fix & Repair

Sometimes our clothes just aren’t right, or they get worn-out over time. Luckily, a bit of wear and tear does not mean the end for your favourite garment. More and more of us are learning basic skills to help us repair and reuse the garments we love. Here are some articles to get you started and boost your confidence:

1. Are you one of the 77% of 18-34 year olds that want to learn a new garment repair skill? | Love Your Clothes

2. Cut, snip or sew? You could be the next Dressmaker of the Year | Love Your Clothes

3. Fast fix: how to taper the legs on a pair of trousers | Love Your Clothes


Swapping & Hand-me-downs

Hand-me-downs are an excellent option as it is both an environmentally friendly method and can save lots of money over the years. Swapping can also be a great solution between friends, other family members, or flatmates. Swapping will be easier with those you already live with or are in a social bubble with. You could also hold an outdoor ‘Nomads Party’ and get everyone to bring a few bits along or interact with the Nomads community on Facebook and see who’d be up for swapping!


Donating to Animal Shelters

Did you know that Animal Shelters often use donations of old clothes, towels, and other old fabric and textiles for the animals they have in their care? These items can be used to clean, make beds and blankets, and help the shelter feel more like home for the animals. Why not consider bringing a worn-out jumper or some old scarves to help our furry friends!

1. 8 Things You Can Donate To Animal Shelters That You Probably Already Have - DogTime


Recycling clothes

Donating Clothes to Charity

If you want to completely rid yourself of the clothes: DON’T BIN IT, BANK IT! Most of our clothes remain in good condition for many years and can be easily worn again and again. Giving our clothes to charity shops remains as one of the best ways to reduce waste, as our garments will be re-homed and loved by others. Additionally, charity shops give people an opportunity to buy goods at a lower rate, which is particularly helpful for those who are on lower incomes. Charity shops rely on your unwanted clothes to continue their generous work and make the world a better place.


2. The BIG Closet Clear Out | Love Your Clothes



Remember: there's no reason to put any clothing or textiles in the bin, even if you can't fix, upcycle, sell, share, or give away unwanted items, they can still go into a textile recycling bank. This is the best way to safely dispose of your old clothing, without having a direct impact on the environment. Buying clothes that are made from natural fibres make it much easier for you to recycle them when necessary, as synthetic fibres like polyester are much harder to break down, AND they cause a lot more damage to the environment when being made. You can find out below where the nearest recycling centre is to you:

1. Where to recycle clothing and textiles | Love Your Clothes


Further reading: Unwanted clothes | Love Your Clothes, What to do with old clothes | Hubbub Foundation, Is Buying From Charity Shops and Ethical Brands the Way Forward? (masalathreads.com), Donating clothes - The simple act that makes a big difference | Love Your Clothes, Charity shops - How charities work, 5 upcycling ideas for clothes that are too worn to wear | Hubbub Foundation

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