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'Black Friday'... the Nomads way.
26th November 2019

'Black Friday'... the Nomads way.

50% of our sales on Friday the 29th November will be donated to Newlife - a charity that is changing the lives of disabled and terminally ill children across the uk.


We are marking the annual 'Black Friday' retail frenzy in our own way this year. We won't be running any special offers or discounts - instead we will be donating 50% of our sales on the day to Newlife - a charity that is changing the lives of disabled and terminally ill children across the UK.

We inevitably end up with some garments that we cannot sell, from one off samples to discontinued fabrics. These garments are perfectly wearable, so we donate them to Newlife, who can then sell them in their Newlife stores. All the profits from these sales go towards helping the charity grow, from paying for nurses to purchasing vital equipment. So, when we came to choose a charity to support on 'Black Friday' - Newlife was the obvious choice.

11-year-old Georgia is one of the children that has benefitted from these charity donations, and Newlife have kindly shared Georgia's story with us.


Georgia's Story

11-year-old Georgia Phillpot from Dorest has Down syndrome and is totally reliant on her parents, Jo-Anne and Craig, for care. Georgia's spine is curved from scoliosis, her muscles are floppy and her hip dislocated, meaning that this little girl has already had to have a painful surgery despite her age.

Up until recently, Georgia had to use a standard car seat that didn't support her spine and hips - meaning it was very uncomfortable. Georgia is unable to communicate when she is in distress, so lots of family outings would simply end up with her crying in pain from the backseat.

This meant that the family could only go out in the car for short periods of time, and only for essential journeys.

Thankfully, Newlife came along and were quickly able to provide the family with the £2,320 specialist car seat that Georgia so desperately needed.

The padded seat is specially shaped to Georgia's form to support her properly, in a safe and comfortable position, when she is in the car.

Georgia's mum Jo-Anne, said: "The seat has made such a huge difference. We have been able to go on family holidays to France and Cornwall in the car, something we never could have done before! We are planning more trips to Wales and Scotland as Georgia is adventurous and loves going to forests and nature parks. Georgia now loves being in the car and can fall asleep in her seat as she is so comfortable. The seat swivels making it safer and easier on our backs when transferring Georgia from her wheelchair into the car."

"The seat has made it so much easier for us to get out as a family."

50% of all orders placed on on Friday the 29th of November will go directly to Newlife, and we will continue to support the charity with clothing donations throughout the year.

Read more about the work of Newlife


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