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Bluebells and rapeseed fields
5th May 2015

Bluebells and rapeseed fields

The start of May with its (ahem) promise of spring sunshine, seems the perfect time to introduce our new contributor, Hannah Bullivant. A writer, one half of online creative inspiration Seeds & Stitches, wife, and mother to three-year-old Frankie. She's an old time friend and an all round (oval?!) good egg! First, let's start with a short blog from Hannah. 


Nothing can complete with the beauty and optimism of May. I feel very privileged to have been busy celebrating May Day for the last few days; running May themed workshops, making floral crowns, delivering flower posies to friends and today, watching my daughter dance around a may pole at a May themed birthday party. This has been a busy month for our family but I have also carved a bit of time out recently to go hunting for some of May’s most spectacular shows. Last week some friends and I headed to Kings Wood, our local woods, on a bluebell-hunting mission.

We didn’t have to look far. An ocean of vibrant violet little bells greeted us from the edge of the car park which deep in to the woods. There is simply nothing quite like seeing a woodland, clad in fresh bright green spring growth carpeted in bluebells. Even the rain couldn’t dampen how glorious it was. They weren’t quite in full flower though, so I’m hoping to go back in the next week, and I’d urge you to head to your local bluebell wood to do the same. Another one of May’s treasures are the yellow Rapeseed fields, that just beg to be played in and photographed. Yesterday, upon driving past the yellow fields, we decided finally to heed our daughter's sweet requests to stop, and pulled over to do some shameless frolicking. Who could help being joyful in an enormous field full of bright yellow?

So whatever May finds you doing, I hope you can find a bit of time to enjoy its shinier gems. 



Hannah's bio: 
Hannah Bullivant is a writer, crafter and stylist with published work in The Guardian, Grazia, Lionheart, Homes & Antiques and Mollie Makes magazine.  She is also a Huffington Post blogger, where she covers family, culture and travel. She’s passionate about the power of making stuff, embraces wonkiness and believes everyone else should too. She’s also passionate about nature, something that has been amplified since moving out of London and having a kid. She loves spending time in the woods and by the sea, collecting treasures and decorating or displaying them in her Kentish home. The lure of London still glows strongly though, and she’s back there frequently to soak up the coffee and culture. Hannah lives in a little terrace in Kent along with her mister, toddler, and an evergrowing collection of house plants and dust bunnies. Often found dancing around the kitchen with her kid, trying to fix something she’s broken or making something or other on the table. She blogs at with Davina Drummond.

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