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Everyday mindfulness
23rd July 2015

Everyday mindfulness

Five quick ideas for awareness and being present in the world. Make time for a little oasis of calm every day. 


Recently there has been a backlash to the fast-paced existence many of us find ourselves (perhaps unknowingly) living in. The ‘just so busy’ badge of honour, has become little frayed and tired, the need for rest consuming us. Time is something that we are all limited in, we can’t grab it back and it’s too precious to waste. We try and do everything all at once, always switched ON. The seconds and minutes are given in equal helpings from one person to the next, but how we use it can vary enormously; wild and chaotic, calm and peaceful, busy and content. Thrive on full schedules, dance to the beat of the to do list – but prosper within it, don’t sink. Take time out. A few moments can make the whirlwind whip and allow us to recline into the spiral – not fall out the bottom. It’s about awareness and peace.



  1. 1. Stop what you are doing, look at your surroundings and let your body relax, from the top of your head, down through every part of your body until you reach the very tips of your toes. Create space in your mind for the family, friends and everyday life. 
  2. 2. Write a list or two – these are for your mind to empty a little. Start one with ‘I would like to remember…’ to ground you and ensure you prioritise ultimately, what’s most important. Alternatively, breathe in and out slowly, repeating 'let' on the in breath and 'go' on the out. 
  3. 3. Stretching literally opens up the body – stand up and take a deep breath in, stretching to your fingertips, before exhaling and bringing your hands to your heart, or crossed against your chest. Do this five to 10 times. 
  4. 4. Take five deep breaths. This is invaluable. The body relaxes as you exhale and fill your lungs, stretching your body and allowing it to rest. This in turn permits your mind to find calm. 
  5. 5. Have a cup of tea (never forget the power of putting on the kettle!). Nourish yourself, slow down – breathe deeply. 
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