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Fashion Revolution
24th April 2015

Fashion Revolution



Fair trade since '89

Who made my clothes? 

It appears to be a week of special days here for us at Nomads, for today is Fashion Revolution Day. This year it's about asking the question: Who made my clothes? What's the background story behind the production of clothing? 

It’s about asking questions and promotion of fair trade 

If you shop with us, you will already be conscious about where your clothing comes from. We are members of BAFTS, which means we work to bring about changes in the status of the developing world producers, by supporting them and campaigning for changes through fair trade retail and awareness. 

Our clothing map

We truly care about every stage in the journey of our clothes. Design trips pre-collections, sourcing fabrics, our factories, our Cornish head office and warehouse, our retailers, our online community, packaging and of course – our commitment to creating items that will last and be loved by you. 

We at Nomads: 

  • Pay fairly
  • Have no children under the age of 16 working for us
  • Pay producers in advance, so they don’t go into debt buying materials
  • Promote traditional crafts
  • Continue to increase our range of organic cotton and biodegradable packaging

We personally regularly inspect all of the factories where our clothes are made in beautiful India. Read more about our fair trade policy. here.


Why do we need this revolution? 


Just two years ago in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1,133 people died when a garment factory building collapsed, because it was unsafe. 2,500 people were injured. These social and environmental catastrophes continue. We need to promote fair trade practices by getting everyone to ask the question – who made my clothes? 

What you can do 

If you would like to shout out for fair trade and to Nomads, post a photo of our Nomads label with the simple question, ‘Who made my clothes’ and the #FashRev hashtag. 

Let’s help create a worldwide buzz for fair trade practice, for knowing who made your clothes and promoting fair trade all over the world.

We are a brand that cares and always has done – since we began in 1989. 

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