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Five ways to be green
20th April 2015

Five ways to be green

Everyday is Earth Day for us at Nomads, as we strive towards making our planet greener and encourage sustainable fashion. We are influenced by the natural world in everything that we do, from our intricate designs, to the movement of our fabrics – the way that a dress falls, the cut of a soft cardigan – our clothes have been created with exploration in mind, freedom and movement.


This love and respect of nature extends to the way that we live our lives, it’s integral to it. This includes cleaning our homes with natural products, eating sustainably sourced and organic foods and reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible by supporting clean energy, recycling, cycling and walking rather than driving and growing what we can in our own gardens. The earth is precious and as explorers of it, lovers of it – we are highly aware of the beauty and fragility of it.


Here are five ways to be green: 

  • Eat less meat: The meat industry generates one fifth of the man-made greenhouse emissions worldwide. Why not take part in Meat Free Monday? The World Cancer Research Fund recommends we “choose mostly plant foods, limit red meat and avoid processed meat”. Former chief scientific officer Sir Liam Donaldson has said that reducing the UK’s consumption of animal products by 30 per cent [by 2030] would prevent 18,000 premature deaths every year. With all the glorious fruit and vegetables out there, why not embrace them in some delicious recipes: We love recipes from The Green Kitchen.
  • Start composting: Limit the amount of food that you waste and reduce your impact on landfills by composting your scraps. You can reduce the amount of rubbish you generate by 25%!
  • Turn off and unplug your appliances: If you are not using your computer, telly or light – turn them off and take out plugs. Standby mode drains electricity – something quoted as Vampire Energy. If the adapter is warm, it’s consuming vampire energy. Unplug appliances and when they no longer work, replace with energy efficient appliances. Think about using a Smart Meter to see how much energy your home is using. 
  • Grow your own food: You don’t need a huge amount of space to grow your own vegetables, they can be grown in borders, containers, window boxes – even hanging baskets. The benefits are bountiful; taste, control (no pesticides and chemicals), satisfaction of growing your own produce, financial – once you have sown your seeds, the cost is small compared to buying vegetables and your carbon footprint is reduced – no need to import from around the world, this purple sprouting broccoli is from the garden!
  • Green cleaning: Green products and better still, homemade green cleaning potions, are free of o-zone depleting chemicals, are less toxic to aquatic life, degrade quickly in the environment and are far better for our health. They are much safer compared to the chemical filled products. We will have some ideas for home cleaning potions on our blog very soon. 

Don’t forget, we have 20% off select items in the run up to Earth Day.

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