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Flower pressing
11th August 2015

Flower pressing

Before the petals and leaves fall, capture little snippets of summer by pressing them and creating your own botanical home gallery!


Choose the flowers that you would like pressed. Gather wildflowers from the fields, hedgerows, garden or the florist. Ensure that the flowers are dry if/when you pick them. 

Using a flower press (you can make one of these, here). Arrange your flowers on one piece of paper, leaving space between the blooms so they can dry thoroughly. Then put two sheets of flower press paper on top



Place a second piece of cardboard on top of the flowers and sheets of paper. Sandwich with further sheets, cardboard and corrugated board. Screw tightly. Leave in a dry space, away from heat and brightness. Change the blotter sheets every few days to prevent the flowers from going brown. 

After a few weeks your flowers will be completely dry and flat. Gently open the layers of paper and they are ready to use in your designs. 

Using a book


Using a thick, heavy book, place the flowers flat between the pages. 

Flowers will be dry after two to four weeks. 

Air drying flowers


Tie up your collection of blooms and hang them upside down in a warm, dry place for several weeks.

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