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Homemade toffee apples
2nd November 2015

Homemade toffee apples

Crunchy, chewy, extra sweet and with a juicy fruit middle, toffee apples are bonfire night specials.  

Carried around in gloved hands like little glistening beacons, demolished with relish. With the apple harvest in full abundence and November 5th on the horizon, here's a quick recipe for these golden globes. It's very satisfying to make the toffee – perhaps the stickiest ever creation! 


8 apples of your choice – not too waxy, or your toffee won't stick!
400g golden caster sugar
100ml water
1tsp vinegar

Also: 8 lollipop sticks and baking parchment


* Pop your apples into a bowl of boiling water. Dry, remove stalks and place on baking parchment and skewer with your lollipop sticks. 

* Put your sugar and water in a heavy based pan and heat slowly for around five minutes, until the sugar has completely dissolved. Add in the golden syrup and the vinegar, then heat until the mixture reaches 140-150C. If you don't have a sugar thermometer, you can drip a small amount into a bowl of cold water. It should harden immediately and be brittle when taken out, not gooey.

* Once your toffee is at its very hot temperature (be careful!), you can turn off the heat and twist, turn and cover your apples in their smart gold coats. Or red coats, if you add a touch of red food colouring in there.

* They will be very sticky and gloopy and you may need to turn the heat on again at some point in the toffee covering process, as the mix cools very quickly. When you're happy your apples are completely covered and have fully bathed in that sugary mix, place back on the baking parchment.

* You can roll them in extra sweet treats, such as hundreds and thousands, or crushed nuts.

* Allow your toffee apples to cool completey before eating. They can be made up to two days in advance, but make sure that you store them in the fridge.  

This recipe has been adapted from BBC Good Food.

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