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How to make your own floral headdress and buttonhole
26th May 2015

How to make your own floral headdress and buttonhole

The Flower Appreciation Society create beautfully natural floral arrangements, as well as those that are surprisingly wild. Today, they show us how to make a floral headdress and buttonhole. Perfect for the summer season of weddings, parties and festivals. 


The Flower Appreciation Society was founded in 2009 by Anna Day and Ellie Jauncey. They clearly thoroughly enjoy creating wild colosseums of abundant flowers, masses of foliage formed into shapes and the prettiest, most delicate arrangements. Both trained florists with backgrounds in textile design and illustration, Anna and Ellie share the same vision – which is one that sends thrills with its enthusiasm and creativity, from their flowers to their cards, gift tags and wrapping paper. They use English, seasonal flowers wherever possible and are based in their De Beauvoir workshop, where they make regular trips to the flower market. 

So without further ado, here’s a tutorial for making one of their signature floral headdresses and a buttonhole (in the top picture), thank you Anna and Ellie! 




Things you'll need:

Flowers – a selection of hardy flowers which are happy out of water for the day such as spray roses, carnations, chrysanthemums 

Bendy wire – big enough to go around your head

Sticks of floristry wire (you can get this at any good florist)


Floristry tape

How to do it:

1. Select five to ten flowers

2. Place the bendy wire around your head to make a wire crown

3. Cover the crown in floristry tape to give it a neater finish

4. Take your first flower and cut the stem so that there is about three inches left below the flower head

5. Bend the wire stick in half and wrap around the stem creating an extra, fake stem

6. Place the flower on the crown and wrap the wire stem around it so that the flower feels secure

7. Keep adding flowers to create the shape that you want

8. You can concentrate on a section at the front or place the flowers all the way around the crown, it's up to you!


Things you'll need:

Flowers – a selection of two or three hardy flowers and a little bit of lovely foliage

Floristry tape



How to do it:

1. Select the flowers of your choice and your bit of foliage

2. Arrange the flowers so they sit well together

3. Cut the stems so that they are about 8cm long

4. Taking the floristry tape, start at the top, just underneath the flower heads and wrap the tape tightly around the stems binding them together. Cover the bottom of the stems, too

5. Put a pin through the newly bound stem

6.Your buttonhole is done!

Anna and Ellie have also shared their floristry tips with us (illustrations by Anna). See below: 
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