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How to Start a Journal
20th January 2020

How to Start a Journal

In celebration of #NationalHandwritingDay on January 23rd, we thought we would share a few top tips on how to start (and keep up!) a handwritten journal in 2020.


1. Start with the ‘Why?’

A common stumbling block for those trying to keep up with a journal or diary is losing sight of the point of it. You may have started journaling before, only to grow bored and complacent about it when it doesn’t quite fulfill your scribbling needs. Sure, your freehand bullet-point spacing is second-to-none BUT you’re not really getting much out of the overall process.

This time around, do away with the perfectionism and start by asking yourself the following questions:

- “Why do I want to start a journal?”

- “What do I hope to get out of it?”

- "What do I want to accomplish?”

Once you have your answers (written in your journal!) it’ll be much easier to pick up your journal because you’ll have a clear reason to do so every time.


2. Set aside some ‘Journal time’ every day

Another good technique to avoid giving up or getting bored is to set aside 10 minutes max. per day to have a quiet sit down with a cuppa and get stuck into your journal. You’re under no obligation to scribble away for hours and hours or fill a certain number of pages, just write something – anything – and go from there.

To really make the habit of journaling stick, do it right after a habit that you’ve already implemented – for example, brushing your teeth or while you sip your morning coffee.



3. Don’t fear the blank page

You don’t have to create a masterpiece on every page, just start by jotting down a little something every day and go from there. When you first sit down to try, you may think your life is pretty boring and you have nothing worth putting on that blank page. However, as you start to think a bit harder about the little pleasures in the day-to-day, you'll realise how much you could include.

Still stuck? Pinterest is filled with creative ‘Journal Prompts’ if you ever need a helping hand.

(Whilst you’re there, why not follow Nomads on Pinterest too?)


4. Keep your journal with you

Even if you don’t manage to set aside time to journal every day, be sure to keep your journal close to hand wherever you are just in case inspiration strikes!

Your journal can also be a great remedy for digital overwhelm – if you’re feeling like you need a quick break from social media, a nice exercise is to take a minute with your journal to write, or draw, as slowly as you can. It’s a great way to refresh your mind before returning to any digital device!



5. Collect everything

Anything you come across in daily life is great for a journal – labels from the Post Office, ticket stubs, dried flowers, receipts… they all add interest to your pages and offer a little insight into your day-to-day life. Keep a little sandwich bag alongside your journal for filling with bits and bobs you pick up on your travels and make a mental note to glue them in later!


6. Have fun with it!

The main thing to remember when journaling is to have fun with it! Experiment with ideas, let your imagination wander and let go of any preconceptions of what it should be or what it should look like. This is a free space for you to use however you like – there is no wrong way to keep a journal!



We hope you’ve found this guide on how to start a journal helpful and that you’re now well on your way to starting your new journaling adventure!

We’d love to share some of your journaling attempts on our social media channels. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and simply include the hashtag #NomadsLifestyle underneath your post to get involved!

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