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Sustainable Fashion X Surfers Against Sewage
15th February 2019

Sustainable Fashion X Surfers Against Sewage

The Revival Fashion Show is a development of the longstanding tradition of charity fashion shows run by Durham University. When show founder Emma Higgins told us that this year the show’s aims were both to support the sustainable fashion industry and raise funds for Surfers Against Sewage, we jumped at the opportunity to take part. We caught up with Emma ahead of the show to get the low down -

The Revival fashion show logo


The Revival Charity Fashion Show was set up in 2017/18 by a group of Durham University students. Charity Fashion Shows have always been a long-standing traditional event in Durham, with different societies running different shows. However, we noticed last year that none of the shows support the sustainable fashion industry and this urged us to set up a brand-new show that showcased ethical and sustainable brands. We set up a new executive team and auditioned students to model in the show. The night was a great success with us raising £6,600 for COCO - an organisation building schools for children in East Africa. Building on from this success, this year we have chosen to support Surfers Against Sewage, a great charity who tackle the prominent issue of throwaway plastics and work to protect our marine life.

Why have you chosen to highlight ethical and environmental brands?


Fashion is a huge industry, playing a major role in the global economy. However, within the industry we are aware that the environment and workers are often exploited. Firstly, when looking at the effects of the environment, we were shocked to see how much post-consumer waste was produced. One of the most prominent issues is plastic microbeads which are having detrimental effects on the ocean and surrounding wildlife. We were also aware of the exploitation of workers that often occurs as the result of the fast fashion industry. Therefore, we want to advertise the sustainable fashion industry to students and show them that there are some great brands out there that they should be wearing!  


The Revival sustainable fashion show catwalk models

Behind the scenes fashion show make up

Have you seen any changes in the fashion industry since the negative

impact of ‘fast fashion’ has been highlighted by the media?


I think there have been changes since the recent publicity with people pushing towards sustainable brands and starting to question where their clothing has come from. I think the negative impacts of plastic is also a very prominent issue at the moment and this has become a big concern amongst students, which I think has helped make them more aware of the impact of fast fashion. 

models on the catwalk sustainable fashion show

Saxaphone player in tuxedo on catwalk

What would be your advice to people who want to start to shop more responsibly

or build a more ethical wardrobe?


If you look online, it is really very easy to find great sustainable brands and I have been impressed with how many there are out there. It’s not as hard as you might think! We are excited to be showcasing a great selection of these brands at this year's show - including Nomads Clothing! 


Why have you decided to support Surfers Against Sewage this year?


The issue of throwaway plastics is becoming more and more prominent, particularly with University Students. With this in mind, we decided that supporting Surfers Against Sewage would be a great way to further emphasise this issue whilst raising funds for the wonderful work that they do to protect our environment. They also work tirelessly to tackle the throwaway culture that has become a part of our modern society – a direct correlation with the slow fashion industry.


Surfers against sewage surf board


Following the show, we were delighted to hear from show director

Emma that they raised over £7000 for Surfers Against Sewage -

a huge congratulations from the Nomads team!



Find your sustainable style


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