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Travel: The Seychelles
20th July 2015

Travel: The Seychelles

The Seychelles is a place that feels incredibly remote. Sprinkled in the Indian Ocean, the 115 islands lie 932 miles east of mainland south east Africa. With no known inhabitants or landings until the early 1500s, they were used as a transit point between Africa and Asia, as well as by pirates occasionally until the French gained control in the mid-1700s. Independence was granted in 1976 and it was during this decade that Seychelles became a hot spot for the rich and famous. It has since become known as a honeymoon haven and couples can be seen meandering along the many breathtaking beaches – accessible to all, since no resort can close off/own a specific beach. 







We went to visit family living there as residents of Mahe, the main island, and discovered magical local beaches, an incredible array of fish, forests of trees buzzing with life, shops, markets and generous people. Of course, combined with this, as with any island/anywhere in the world, we also found some questionable politics, as welll as specific island-related strife issues, such as pirates making the front page. The sunshine was unending. To the point there were moments it was oppressive – but it was amazing how quickly we slowed our pace and became used to the warmth and blazing strength of the sun's rays. Here, the natural world dictates – the vast ocean, enormous drops of thundering rain, storms that cackle and fire, lighting up the ocean and neighbouring islands. That sun, the lizards, insects hopping and talking, tall trees and lush green hills. We ate fruits, fish and banana chips, we swam and snorkelled, followed turtles and rays going about their daily business and took boat trips on small vessels and painted pictures. When darkness came, we played board games and watched Netflix with the cicadas and a bottle of wine. Nomads shirt, a neccessity. 





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