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Why we use natural fibres
13th April 2020

Why we use natural fibres

Breathable, durable, sustainable, biodegradable, a natural insulator, good for sensitive skin and a renewable resource – just some of the wonderful qualities of Nomads natural fibres. We thought you might like to learn a little bit more about our favourites – 

Until the turn of the twentieth century, the only fabrics available were the product of natural fibres. Whilst the development of synthetic fibres may have allowed people to purchase clothing faster and cheaply, it has inevitably come at a cost to the planet. We choose to use natural fibres because they are better for the environment, as well as the farmers, producers and finally you, the wearer.


Trees in forest

‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’

Organic cotton

Simply put, organic cotton is the best form of cotton, both for the planet, the growers and the people who wear the clothing. Organic cotton is a pleasure to wear because of its breathability – it will keep you cool in the summer, and cosy in the winter, plus it will last far more wears in between washing than synthetic fibres. Reducing water usage and your energy bill – who can argue with that! 

All organic cotton used to make Nomads clothing is certified by GOTS. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading authority on textile processing standards for organic fibres, focusing on all aspects of the supply chain. GOTS certified organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment, with systems in place to replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers, and build biologically diverse agriculture. Organic cotton is naturally biodegradable.




Viscose is made from sustainable wood pulp, creating a natural fibre that is both breathable and biodegradable. This material has minimal impact on the environment as the trees are grown organically without pesticides. Growing trees also helps to improve soil quality, prevent soil erosion and retains water. Our viscose supply chain is fully traceable and uses carefully sourced pulp from trees that come from FSC-certified forests.

The process of producing viscose does involve chemicals, so we ensure that our dyeing and fabric manufacturing units have water treatment plants that treat the processing water before releasing it back into the environment.

We love viscose because as well as being a biodegradable fibre, it drapes beautifully.



Cruelty-free Merino wool

Merino wool is a natural material originating from Australian Merino sheep. Despite wool’s undisputable sustainable qualities, there are careful ethical considerations to be made when choosing to use wool. Therefore we only use cruelty free certified mulesing free Merino wool.

These high-quality natural fibres create a naturally biodegradable garment that is a joy to wear, (hooray for wool that doesn’t itch!) and will stand the test of time. Merino wool is perfect for both summer and winter due to its breathability and temperature regulating properties. It will keep you warm and insulated in cold weather, and cool and comfortable in the summer months - plus it is hypo-allergenic, making it the perfect fibre for sensitive skin. Merino wool also repels dirt, stains and wrinkles and is naturally antibacterial – which means minimal washing and ironing! However, when needed it is machine washable, giving it big practicality points. Our supplier sent us this image of their sheep grazing in the Australian sunshine! 


Merino sheep grazing in Australian sun


We’re continually searching for new sustainable and environmentally friendly materials to use in our ethically produced clothing – watch this space for the introduction of new natural fibres soon! 



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