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Charity Commitments

Charity Commitments

TAMWED Linking communities in the UK and India

We support TAMWED - Linking communities in the UK and India

TAMWED (Tamil Nadu/West Devon) is a non-profit charity, which grew out of professional and social connections between people in Devon, England and NGOs in south India. Since 1997 training and exchanges between India and the UK have been organised by a Devon community organisation called WESTDEN. After the 2004 tsunami, WESTDEN joined local people who have an interest in south India to meet and consider how they could offer long term support and to bring communities in these countries closer together.

By 2006 TAMWED was formed as a registered charity with the objective of helping to overcome poverty in areas of southern India that have the greatest need. Current projects deal with community health, herbal medicine and climate change, the most important issues affecting the lives of some of the poorest and most isolated rural communities. TAMWED is a voluntary organisation that is entirely dependent on donors.

Nomads supports TAMWED through donations from our profits which help to support a community health project. Due to climate change and reduced rainfall, the land used for farming was no longer yielding enough crops. This project involves growing herbs which require less rainfall and teaches the community how to use herbs for natural medicine and diet. This saves them the cost of medicine and the long journeys needed to receive treatments. The gardens are also used to grow fruit and vegetables, some of which are sold along with the surplus herbs to provide a vital income.

Visit the TAMWED website to find out about current fund-raising events and how you can make a donation.

Learn more about TAMWED

Newlife – the charity for disabled children

We inevitably end up with some garments that we cannot sell, for one reason or another. These garments are perfectly wearable, so we donate them to Newlife, a charity that provides help and support to children with disabilities or terminal illnesses and their families.

All the profits from these donations go towards helping the charity grow, from paying for nurses and vital equipment, to gaining awareness through advertising campaigns.

Visit the NEWLIFE website to find our more about this great charity, and how you can get involved.

Learn more about NEWLIFE

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