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Organic Cotton

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Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is always the best choice of cotton because it’s the kindest to the environment, the growers and to you. Grown naturally, the soil requires less water and maintains good levels of fertility. The cotton growers are healthy too because they are handling only natural materials.

The benefits for you are that organic cotton clothing is super soft, very comfortable, and breathable. Customers love this fabric so much that we have increased our range of organic cotton clothing.  All of our jersey dresses, tunics and tops are now made from organic cotton. The organic cotton used to make our clothing is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). 

How is the apparel industry involved with organic cotton?

Over the years there has been a gradual increase in the development of more products made from organic cotton. In particular the number organic cotton clothing brands has grown significantly. Everything from socks to dresses and beautiful accessories; today natural organic cotton is becoming a favourite fabric in sustainable fashion.

What kinds of products are made using organic cotton?

As a result of consumer interest, organic cotton fibre is used today in a wide variety of products; from personal care and home furnishings to organic cotton clothes and even stationery. In addition, organic cottonseed is used for animal feed and organic cottonseed oil is used in a variety of food products. The number of products today that are made from organic cotton is vast, which means that the demand is increasing. All of this is very positive for the industry, the planet and for you.

Why Organic Cotton?

Simply put, organic cotton is the best form of cotton, both for the planet, the growers and the people who wear the clothing. Grown naturally without the use of harmful chemicals, means that the planet maintains a healthy soil content and the workers are breathing clean air too. Organic cotton also requires less irrigation to grow, saving water which is often in short supply where cotton is grown.

Organic cotton clothing is such a comfortable fabric to wear because it breathes with you, keeping you cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. Caring for your organic cotton clothes is easy. Simply wash in cool or warm water (gentle cycle is fine) and hang up to dry naturally. This material is very durable and will last you for many seasons to come.

Nomads is also a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum which is the industry body for sustainable fashion. The EFF has an online platform which is working to promote sustainable sourcing through online intelligence, training, and virtual online events.

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