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Growing cotton and manufacturing cotton into textiles has been an on-going activity in India since pre-historic times. Excavations from Mohanjodaro (Indus valley civilization) has found Desi cottons of North Indian origin dating back 5000 years.


In India, cotton has been a major factor behind historical and cultural developments and its importance is clearly stated in referring to cotton as “White Gold”. Cotton is valued over man-made fibres because of its fabulous ability to breathe. This keeps us cool and comfortable all day long! As well as this obvious benefit there is also the gentle softness of the fibres, the fact that you can wash and dry cotton easily, the longevity of the fabric and that cotton, gives, and moves with you, this is not easily found in synthetic materials.


Today cotton is the main textile produced by India and huge advancements have been made in recent years. The Indian government has been working hard and has a new outlook on the cotton industry to ensure its stability and sustainability for the future. Their cotton production is getting ever more eco friendly; improving rainfed cotton cultivation; and integrated crop and pest management.

All of the cotton used in the Nomads collection is grown in India. 50% of the Nomads range is made in GOTS certified Organic Cotton, whilst 30% is made in non-Organic cotton. We ask our suppliers to provide us with transaction certificates for all fabrics so that we can trace the fibre back to its source so that we can ensure the cotton is bought fair trade, even for the non-organic cotton.

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