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Our Clothing

Our Clothing

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is always the best choice of cotton because it’s the kindest to the environment, the growers and to you. Grown naturally, the soil requires less water and maintains good levels of fertility. The cotton growers are healthy too as they are handling only natural materials. The benefits for you are that organic cotton clothing is super soft, very comfortable, and breathable. All of our jersey dresses, tunics and tops are now made from organic cotton.

The organic cotton used to make our clothing is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). 


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Cotton Clothing

Cotton has always been our first choice in fabric and we feel natural is always best. The main benefit of wearing cotton clothing is that it breathes with you. Cotton clothes are one of the softest fabrics to wear next to the skin. The natural fibres keep us cosy when it’s chilly and cooler when it’s warm. The look and feel of cotton jersey is gentle and the fabric has a flattering drape. 


Clothing made with Natural Fibres

Tied and dyed by hand

Tie dye is one of the oldest methods of hand printing textiles, Its origins are believed to date back over 3000 years where it was thought to have been first developed in Jaipur, India. Traditionally, each pattern was designed with its own unique meaning. 

Today the art of tie dye is practiced throughout India and the rest of the world. Our artisan made tie dye clothing features beautiful pieces that have been made using traditional techniques passed down through the generations. This hand-crafted skill adds a special quality to our collection, and helps to sustain this ancient craft for the future. 


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Traditional Handloom

The nature of the handloom process allows us to create our own exclusive textural patterened fabrics in beautifully coloured cotton threads. Our handloom range supports local Artisans and keeps this traditional process going whilst providing us with unique pieces. 

Our handloom range is now bigger than ever before, we now have jackets, shirts, dresses, scarves and bags all in handloom fabrics such as the Geo Jascquard, Pyramid loom and the Chevron design.


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Traditional Embroidery

Being passionate about promoting traditional skills, we are keen to blend artisan crafts with modern styles to create beautiful embroidered clothing. Each area of India specializes in unique embroidery patterns. Nature plays a key role in the design and inspiration is often drawn from flowers, trees, and birds.


Beautiful Embroidered Tops

Traditional Hand Block Printing

This delicate design has been created entirely by hand using the ancient art of wood block printing. Traditionally made by the artisans of Sanganer in India; who rely on the textile industry to keep this wonderful craft alive. Intricate floral patterns are made by a repeated stamp process, using hand carved wooden blocks.

Printing in this way is completely sustainable; having a minimal impact on the environment. Due to the hand processes, the resulting pretty print has soft variations, adding to the beauty of each original piece.

Lovely natural fabrics to relax in and makes the most beautiful gift. Unique artisan prints, made by hand.

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