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We have partnered with Daughters of the Ganges to create a range of handcrafted jewellery exclusively for Nomads.


Daughters of the Ganges is a socially conscious brand that works with talented artisans across communities in India, celebrating their traditional crafts whilst supporting them towards building a better future for both themselves and their families.


Daughters of the Ganges is World Fair Trade Organisation certified. WFTO members are obligated to comply with a strict criteria of standards and follow a code of practice in order to ensure their fair trade principles are consistently in place. This international guarantee system provides complete transparency in the fair trade supply chain.


‘We insist on continuous improvement over time to encourage members to achieve the best fair trade practices. Every purchase of products with the WFTO Label supports small producers and their communities.’


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Maker Focus



As a young adult, Shyam started his career sweeping the floors of one of our workshops and bringing tea for all the artisans. He watched the artisans and became interested in their crafts. He took initiative and asked to be trained - he was taken under the wing of a master craftsmen and has never looked back. Today, Shyam is a master craftsmen himself, training new artisans and has now become the supervisor of his workshop. He has three children that he is proudly sending to school.



Talib started his career at a small workshop that made fashion jewellery. With no previous experience, Talib was a keen learner and was soon enjoying making intricate pattern. When he found it hard to make ends meet with his small salary, he decided to quit and join his brother-in-law, a building contractor. Upon realising that contract work was not where his heart was, he made the bold decision to move back to his village and work in his father’s clothing store.


Talib’s dream had always been to start his own jewellery-making unit, and after working for a few years, he borrowed a small sum from his father and started a workshop in Old Delhi. With customers that pay him fairly, he uses his previous experiences and keeps his artisans happy by paying them fair wages and creating a safe working environment for them. Talib now runs a successful business and supplies to WFTO certified firms, resulting in his products reaching different corners of the world.


'Because of Fairtrade, I now have a steady, dignified income, a respectable business, a happy family and two children that will be educated and have a bright future.'

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